About us

Videorebels born after a cooperation with the Italian national tv channel Rai in the 2007, when Alberto wrote a tv format that made him travel between Music festivals around Europe, the concept was mixing up the interviews with the adventures of the troupe chasing the musicians. The voice over of Alberto (Director and cameraman) and Lorenzo (video editor and camerman) gave life to a very fresh editing at that times.

In 2017, after years of youtube presence with the channel of Videorebels, Alberto launch a new channel connected to the skate life style Skate therapy, at the same time he start a new activity that combine his passion for the skate to his profession of videomaker, the concept is to deliver a great experience and video memory much over what the regular tourist market can offer, so he organize skate tours around Barcelona which are professionally filmed and edited.

By then Videorebels had  travelled all around the world with Alberto Carboni, managing indipendent productions as much as bringing freelance video operator in many different contests.

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