Documentary in the Amazon

“Serere, una fortuna en vida” (Serere, a fortune in Life)
Is an independent documentary produced by in the amazing Reserve of

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The documentary is still open to any kind of proposition, Crew and companies interested in this one or future projects are welcome to contact us.

It all started from a very long trip with my girlfriend around south America, the plan was to travel by land and river from Uruguay (where she lived) to Colombia (where she was born), it was a pretty long round trip so that to reduce the expenses I made up this proposition of exchanging our video and photo skills for free hosting an tours, and surprisingly it did work for real in various occasions with the great satisfactions of all the people involved.
We reached the Serere Eco Reserve in Bolivia with that same idea, so we made a deal and we started living our experience taking care of producing a nice video and photo reportage on the way.
But it become clear, already from the second day, that it was time to give an extra effort, a huge one, who work in video productions can understand what the commitment of doing a documentary is, so when I said to Rosa Maria
– Quiero hacer un documental sobre Serere, contar todo lo que se pueda.
I couldn’t believe to my own words, while Rosa Maria fortunately believed to me and after some discussions she agreed of extending our permanence and taking care of all our needs.
We had to break our maximum stay in Bolivia, far away from any kind of immigration office, measuring us with all the difficult of filming and photographing in this extremely wet and dark (deep inside of the forest) environment, deal with bugs and sickness as you can expect from a long stay in the Jungle.
I’ve got my self skinnier as ever with the Salmonella, while Melissa discovered that the the bite of an “hormiga 24” (an ant that you don’t want to meet) was really as painful as told, the day after with her foot in extreme pain she accompanied the guide Severo and four australians trekkers in the opening of a new long walk through the Jungle, from Serere they reached the Rio Viejo community where we all meet up trying to build a new plan of protection of the area with the locals and the tourists.

We lived one of the most interesting experience of our life, in touch with some creatures that we will never forget, and people full of hope and dreams that can slowly make the difference in the protection of the Amazon.